Ultra Modern Lounge

5 star rating

Reviewed by Antra P.

The Ultra Modern Lounge, or UML as it is referred to by local patrons, is about as good as it gets on a rare warm night or typical cool evening in Sausalito. The scene is a mix out of a Hemingway novel - drinks are stiff, stories are indulgent, and the crowd is usually a mix of rowdy intellectualism (crossed with a poor sense of style, bordering on too short shorts on the men and grossly unsupported breasts on the women). This is a secluded haunt that few know, and even fewer get access to - think Hefner's Bunny Clubs of the early 1960s.

Warning: It's best not to disturb the locals, and with limited table space it is encouraged to reserve (in your mind) ahead of time. Don't be surprised if the usuals look at you with surprise upon arrival. Those who are lucky enough to get a seat at this exclusive gem, during operating hours, will be greeted with an assortment of regional and international dialects, often delivered with a nod and a whimper, not for the faint of heart. You may drink wine from the bottle, go into Willy Wonka's sweet world of wonder of Swiss chocolates (rarely listed on the nibbles menu) or imbibe on a kosher martini, if you are so lucky to be greeted by the master craftsman himself.

The Ultra Modern Lounge brings an excitement on par with the hottest ping pong show of Thailand or a Texas Roadhouse a night before church. It's reasonably priced if you don't calculate the dues that you must pay to this "ultra" exclusive establishment. If you believe in free thoughts and bottomless expectations, then you are in the right place!

Lucky enough to catch open mic night on a random night? You won't be disappointed by the puppet work of Quack!

This is a must for anyone looking to expand his/her mind but not the wallet.